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30 Days to Freedom

This powerful program addresses all aspects of your life, assisting you in releasing all fears and old pains, allowing and taking action in forgiveness of self and others for past situations and challenges, and inspiring growth and change. In just 30 days, you will remember the wholeness of your self, and be tapped into true self-confidence, abundance, and life-affirming beliefs about yourself, with the power to move forward in your life and take on the journey of self-discovery and true fulfillment.


30 Days to Freedom Meditations - take on your life in just 15 minutes a day! Each day includes a new meditation that will enhance your life through specific intentions and guided work. You will be amazed at the deep work and healing that can take place during this 30-day period, one day at a time.

A sampling of meditation titles to give you a taste of this empowering CD:

  • The Light Within My Soul
  • Stars of Love
  • Healing Past Generations of Family History
  • Moving Past Limiting Beliefs
  • Affirming Financial Freedom
  • The Power of Personal Success

30 separate and unique meditations!

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