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Healing Work

Total Prevention has your health and well-being in mind in all that we do. Our company's focus brings in holistic wellness using nature's gifts in abundance; it is small wonder that as we have worked with people from all over the nation, certain talents and skills in "reading" people or identifying symptoms, causes and effects have evolved.

Janice Erickson, has particularly developed a unique, intuitive style of healing that is effective and presents to clients options for healing and release that goes far beyond physical symptoms to manifest beauty, abundance and health in their everyday lives. Through personal experience, she developed 5 Powerful Steps to Health. Janice has studied Rapid Eye Therapy, Pranic Healing, Angel Therapy Practitioner with Doreen Virtue, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Healing through Forgiveness is a Reiki Master Healer, and has studied various other modalities of healing. Depending on the client, the symptoms and the individual situations, Janice intuitively uses her unique blend of skills and abilities to see what a client needs in order to move forward in wholeness.

Your individual sessions can be conducted in person or over the phone; it doesn't matter - the treatments are both equally effective. Janice spends an average of an hour and a half for your first session, where she quickly comes to understand you and the issues that are keeping you from claiming your health, wealth, vitality and happiness. Using her intuitive skills, she assists you to release the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual blocks. This is a very powerful, healing process where you come away invigorated, with energy and vitality to achieve what you want, trusting yourself to move forward on your life path.

In addition to these healing sessions, Total Prevention has effective products that can support mind, body and spirit on your journey. To schedule a session with Janice, simply call 801.451.7998 or . Private Release & Healing Sessions are available: $100/hour.