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Intestinal Cleanse

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Psyllium Seed: Adds bulk and is wonderful at softening, lubricating, and absorbing old, hardened fecal matter. Helps in cleansing and removing the putrefactive toxins. Stimulates normal muscular activity without cramps.

Bentonite Clay: It has been said that Bentonite clay can absorb 40 times its own weight. When taken with plenty of water, Bentonite can absorb a great deal of water and carry it to the colon. Coming in contact with old hardened fecal matter on a consistent basis will help soften and release it. The Bentonite will also absorb a great amount of waste and carry it out of the body. Bentonite is known for its highly absorptive properties, drawing out metals, drugs and toxins.

Cascara Sagrada: Causes the peristaltic muscles to activate, thus helping break loose the debris and pushing it out of the body. It stimulates secretions of the Liver, Pancreas, and Stomach, releasing bile. It also helps to build muscle tone of a sluggish bowel and is non habit-forming. Excellent remedy for gallstones.

Garlic: Expels intestinal worms and also regulates blood pressure level in the bowels, helping ease pain and pressure of hemorrhoids and piles. Active against fungus and yeasts, as well as bacteria, and cleanses cholesterol from the blood.

Rosehips: Used for infection and cleansing toxins from the body. Adds bulk and stimulates the natural growth of intestinal flora which is very important to the health of the bowels and proper digestion.

Aloe: Aids in healing of lesions in the alimentary canal and of hemorrhoids. Stimulates cell regeneration.

Rhubarb Root: A natural laxative. Helps stimulate the gallbladder and liver, causing the flow of bile. Cleanses and tones the bowels.

Black Walnut Hulls: Kills parasites. Heals and tones inflamed tissues.

Senna Leaves: Stimulates peristaltic action of the lower bowel.

Flax Seed Meal: Helps with inflammation. Contains an oil that lubricates the bowels, to help soften and loosen old fecal matter, making passage of feces easier and smoother. Flax adds bulk and is absorbent, helping carry out the old waste.

Slippery Elm: Absorbs mucous, helps pass it through the intestines. Is very soothing and healing and helps strengthen the alimentary canal.

Ginger: Restores circulation and oxygen on a cellular level. It stimulates the body to aid in removing toxic wastes; is a blood purifier. Removes inflammation from the body. Expels gas. Strong antioxidant effective for sores and wounds.

Marshmallow: Excellent for bleeding piles, inflammation and irritation of the alimentary canal. Soothing and healing to inflamed intestinal walls in which the clean healthy mucous coating has been eroded away.

Prunes: Helps naturally with peristaltic motion, softens old fecal matter, aiding in loosening and releasing waste material out of the body.

Our Intestinal Cleanse is an herbal combination that is not only very cleansing, but also nutritious and healing to the digestive system.